Research Topics

Senior consultancy staff at Well Bred Software are actively pursuing investigations into topics in a number of interesting research areas, building on work done previously on test related projects.

The sections below outline some of the areas where investigations are being pursued.

Test Automation

It has long been recognised that test automation hold the promise of considerable improvements in test coverage and effectiveness, with very positive impacts on productivity and product and service quality. Reductions in manual effort and increases in execution speed are further benefits that automation provides.

Research work on improving the ability to interface to complex technical interfaces is becoming an increasingly demanded capability. The high data rates and throughput of current generation systems as well as complex and demanding real-time constraints pose particular challenges for automated testing. Solution options to address some of these specific challenges are active projects, including high precision data generation and measurements for complex real-time inputs, are some of the particular challenges for which automation solutions being investigated.


Test Infrastructure

The current generation of applications (including IoT systems) have increasingly complex and challenging system configuration requirements and infrastructure needs. Work is currently underway to improve on the ability to provide reconfigurable and reusable test environments that greatly increase the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of these expensive resources.


Other Topics

Experience over many testing projects has also lead to an interest in other key areas, including:

  • IoT Testing
  • Advanced Testing
  • High Performance Testing