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Welcome to Well Bred Software.

For more than 15 years we've been helping our clients improve the quality and effectiveness of their products and systems and their service performance and delivery.

With a solid background in technical systems and product development, our associates all have many years of experience in system and product development and testing, delivering innovative and effective testing services and solutions that improve quality and cost-effectiveness for our clients.


We offer a range of services and engagement models to meet the varied needs of our clients. Our test-related services include consultancy, test programme planning and strategy development, test infrastructure planning and development and the creation and customisation of environments, tools and data used in testing.

Solutions and Research

With many years of leading edge test project experience, our associates have delivered innovative solutions to some of the most challenging test issues facing engineering and management teams. We are constantly striving to deliver cutting-edge solutions and deliver real benefits to achieve the best quality and value for our clients.

At Well Bred Software we have always looked to to push the boundaries of what is achievable in our delivery of effective test solutions. When faced with technical challenges our staff will identify options and pursue the most effective solutions to these challenges. This has spawned many internal research projects, leading to a strong base of technical expertise and the basis for many innovative new approaches.

IoT and Embedded Systems

Currently our clients are involved in a number of areas, including Automotive, Renewable Energy and Underwater Robotics.

We have recently delivered testing solutions for a variety of systems, including engine management (ECU) and power conversion controller systems, employing real-time software and programmable logic (FPGA) technologies for customised test generator functions for high resolution and accuracy test input signals in testing.